Pair of Rising Butt Hinges – Right Hand – Steel – Zinc 75 x 72 434349

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466 Rising Hinge RH – BZP

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Steel rising hinges feature a spiral knuckle that lifts the door throughout the opening cycle making it ideal for applications where there is an uneven floor surface or obstructions such as deep pile carpets. The spiral feature will also enable to the door to self close making this a popular hinge choice for toilet or cubicle doors. As the knuckle is not fixed, it enables the door to be lifted off the hinge making it ideal for situations when doors need to be removed for decorating or moving furniture.

466 Rising Hinge RH – BZP

75 x 72

Lifts doors as they open – ideal for uneven floors

Self closing – ideal for cubicles

Door can be lifted off at a later date

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